sufjan stevens - chicago

everyong likes this song, right? it's sufjan, and people love him. and it's one of the best on the album. i found out the other day that until quite recently, chicago was the second biggest city in the USA. it's called 'the second city' still, despite LA having taken it over sometime since the 80s. this song is pretty beautiful though, in pretty much all versions... i'm kind of partial to the acoustic one, but the regular is great of course, and so are the other variations.

his voice just sounds so sweet! and gentle. and the song is great, really great - i love songs that namecheck cities and driving to them, anyway, i'm just a loser like that, so to have them being part of this lovely little song is just... really nice. it's so well-written, and kind of... light and high but really listenable and just pretty awesome. he's a good songwriter and his voice is lovely. sorry this post is so rubbish. but i love this song. it's understated, and that works.

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hinklemeyer said...

my favorite is the serial killer
john wayne gacy jr.