So this'll serve as my introduction. I'm Charly, I'm 18, I wrote a post once for Sugar & Noise, failed at writing any more and also failed at properly updating my poetry & book blog, (Write It!) (maybe because of the stupid name, I hear you cry!)

I feel it's best to introduce yourself to new people by admitting your failures. Actually that's a lie but I thought I'd inject some pretentiousness nice and early into this blog. Anyway, I hope I have a better track record with this. Eyes Wide Terrified, by the way, is a pretty awesome song from the new Johnny Foreigner album, Waited Up Til It Was Light. Which isn't out yet, but as soon as it is I expect you all to rush off to yr nearest (I was going to say 'independent record store', but that would make me a massive hypocrite. To be fair, Ipswich doesn't have any independent shops that get new releases, but still) shop that'll stock it and buy a copy and carry it home and rock out or something. It's fight-pop, apparently.

Anyway, that's my introduction over with. Now I'll get down to the actual music blogging. I'm sure you're DEADLY excited.

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Miles said...

I am excited!