because it's gone 1am and i thought, why the hell not, right?

"Surely all the shops are closed by now?"
"No, I'm just, just getting this one thing, wait, I'll call you back, just a minute-"
"You might not be able to get through. Shopping centres are black holes."
"Wait for me outside, it's busy, I've had a long day, my early shift-"
"Ran late, I know, I know. We're on the guestlist for the gig tonight but we don't have to go-"
"I don't have any money and there's no such thing as a free night out."
"Are you hungry now? I could meet you in the foodcourt-"
"We've got our friends in the city, will they feed us?"
"We can seat in cheap plastic seats and watch fights break out-"
"I was tripping over bottles at the club last night-"
"I bet the barstaff see it every night-"
"They all wear misfits t-shirts and big gold rings-"
"Do you want to talk about it?"
"I can't talk about it. You can't talk about it."
"I have enough money for a veggie burger to share, are you-"
"Are you hungry now? Are you hungry now?"
"Am I breaking up? Are you hungry now?"
"Just wait for me outside the shopping centre-"
"I'm biting my lip, it's cold outside, the buses are all leaving and we'll have to get a taxi-"
"My lunchbreak lasted for ever, I was lighting cigarettes just to wait time and I just need to buy one more thing. I will wait for you outside carparks, busy shopping centres, clubs and bars and after free nights out. There's just one thing I need to do. See you in a minute."

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