I haven't updated this that much over the past week or so, partly because I've been caught up with other things - I left school on Friday, then spent the weekend in London - but partly because I've been listening to music that probably doesn't fit here. Like, the Spanish entry to Eurovision (I can't help it, it's so catchy!) or my latest obsession, John Barrowman singing 'Sunset Boulevard'. Doesn't really fit with Johnny Foreigner.

But then I decided that I'd make a post mentioning both of those. Not entirely sure why.

Anyway, my other obsession at the moment is Lykke Li, oh goodness. I saw her perform Little Bit on Jolls Holland a while ago, and thoguh I'd listened to her before I had never really got it. When I saw her doing it on Jools Holland, I got it. I'm so so obsessed with this song, it's a bit stupid... also like I'm Good, I'm Gone a lot and pretty much everything i've heard by her, but I love this one song so much. She has a fanatstic voice, too, which helps.

I watched Eurovision with some friends on Saturday night, which was the reason that I was in London for the whole weekend (as opposed to just Saturday) and Sweden's entry was so shit and I was well outraged. No country does pop better than Sweden, I cried!

Then again, seriously, pretty much no country enters their best or most credible pop stars, do they? There was Sebastian Tellier doing something that no one quite understood, I suppose, but awesome as he was he didn't do very well when it came to voting. Israel's was a reality TV star (I quite liked him, actually) and Spain's was a joke entry by a comedian chosen through Myspace.

The thing is, I guess I don't really expect Eurovision to be anything other than ridiculous, both when it comes to the music, the presenters, and even the voting. I think the outcry about 'bloc voting' is bullshit; political voting has always been part of Eurovision, and this year Western European coutnries were voting for Eastern European just as much as anyone else, so it's stupid to complain about it. Russia sucked and shouldn't have won, yeah, but Armenia and Greece both had amazing, fun entries and deserved to be in the top 3.

So, Terry Wogan, shut up and stop moaning and if you really hate it that much then let someone else do your job. You're not as funny as everyone seems to think, anyway. Yeah, I said it.

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